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5 Multipurpose Makeup Items

multipurpose makeup items

Have you ever thought about how alarming it is to spend vast amounts of money on your makeup and store them without proper use? Maybe you do not use full-face makeup every day, but you buy and keep them for the future, which sometimes you never do. Covid19 and quarantine have been stressful, but it has been a boon for many of us. Finally, we understood the value of living and the things we possess.

The usefulness of multipurpose makeup items

There are several benefits of using one makeup item for various makeup purposes. But, first, you need to get accustomed to using it.

When you use one item for various purposes, you automatically save a lot of money. For example, the price of one makeup kit is enormous, so it is excellent to use that creatively.

If you are using one makeup item for a couple of things, it saves time. You do not have to search for many things while doing your makeup in a rush. Instead, grab one and finish your makeup.

It also helps to declutter and save valuable space. Whether at home or during travel, you can have minimal makeup items and use them for maximum benefits.

Pocket-friendly and High-End Multipurpose Makeup Items

Here are some of the money-saving as well as higher range makeup items that you can use for different makeup purposes:

Pocket-friendly Makeup Items

Brown Kohl

Whether you are traveling or do not have enough time before attending a party, it is always a safe and time-saving option to use brown kohl. You can use it day or night with any attire and on any occasion. This can be used to line your upper and lower eyelid. You can use it as kohl and also as an eyeliner. Even if you are an expert kohl user, you can line your brows with it but make sure to smudge it with your eyebrows.

LA Auto Eyeliner Pencil glides on smoothly and gives even application. It is a smudge-proof formula that keeps intact even in summer. You do not need to carry a sharpener for it as it has a retractable system that sharps the kohl when required. This is an absolute budget-friendly option that is quite affordable and easy to carry.

Multi-Stick Makeup

A multi-use makeup stick can be a blessing for your vanity bag when you’re traveling. A minor touchup with Elf Monochromatic Multi-Stick will deliver a highly blendable kiss of color to your face. It is a cream-to-powder finish substance that is non-greasy and lightweight. It is a versatile makeup stick for eyes, lips, and cheeks. You can wear it anywhere as it is full-proof and blendable. In addition, this stick makeup works as an eyeshadow lipstick, which delivers a gorgeous hint of color.

Beauty Balm

multipurpose makeup items

Honest Beauty Magic Balm Beauty Stick is a basic need for your skin before applying makeup. It soothes the skin and softens the extreme dryness. It also gives a natural luminous glow to your skin. You can use it on your cheeks, lips, and cuticles as it is made from botanical and fruit extracts. This beauty balm is suitable for all skin types and acts as a multipurpose makeup item.

High-end Multipurpose makeup items

Multipurpose concealer

Two-Faced Sculpting Concealer is a product from Sephora available in 30 shades. It acts as a dual makeup product and gives excellent results. It’s vegan, long-wearing, hydrating, and gives full coverage.

Milk Makeup

The mini Milk, Lip, and Cheek Stain Makeup is a best friend in a no-makeup day look. It gives a glowy pop-up color and keeps the skin hydrated and nourished. It comes in various shades to choose the right color according to your skin tone and mood. In addition, it is a multipurpose makeup stain for your cheeks and lips.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil is an excellent natural beauty product that can be used as a multipurpose product for multiple areas of your body like skin, hair, and nails. It is used as a moisturizer with a dense antioxidant that heals blemishes, treats acne, and performs as a luxurious makeup remover. In addition, it is beneficial for hair dryness and re-growth and heals chapped lips, skin, and nails.