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How To Do Monochromatic Makeup

how to do monochromatic makeup


Trends change whenever new fashion evolves, or the old fashion again comes back. For example, monochromatic makeup is a trendy style right now, and celebrities to influencers are hovering over this style statement.

What is Monochromatic Makeup

Monochromatic makeup is a more fun way to coordinate makeup with outfits. The key to pulling off this makeup is to keep the harmony of the same shade. You must use single colors of the same shades in your eyes, cheeks, and lips. Choose a base color, and then use colors according to that shade and your choice. You can create a unique look by mixing and matching the hues and textures. 

Use of Monochromatic Makeup

Nude and Natural Monochrome

A nude monochrome is perfect for every season, any time of the day, and any occasion. The naked color palette gives a subtle dimension to the face. First, use a waterproof primer before applying the makeup. Next, awash color in the eyelids and then using the same shade or almost the same colors in the cheeks, eyes, and lips can give you a monochromatic nude look.

If you are intimidated by a natural monochromatic look but don’t know how to pull it off, it is better to try it at home. Choose a warm color if you want neutral makeup for your look that will compliment your skin tone and dress. Here are some points you can keep in mind while doing nude or natural monochromatic makeup:

  • Start your makeup with the eyes and use a light brown matte eyeshadow as the base color for the eyelids. 
  • You can use peach, coral, or even pastel green tone over the base color
  • Keep the colors light and minimal for face monochrome. You can keep the face dewy and luminous in your look
  • Use nude liquid lipstick to complete the nude monochrome makeup

Pink Shaded Monochrome

If you are looking for bubbly and flirty monochrome makeup, you can think about the pink shades, lavender, and even coral. However, you can go bright with these colors if you don’t just want the subtle natural look. Here are the steps to follow for this exclusive look:

  • Use a practical primer for the eyes and face.
  • Blend your foundation and concealer well
  • For eyes, take a pink, violet, dark peach, or ombre eyeshadow towards the inner part of the eyes and blend the outer part with a similar and lighter shade, fading it towards the outer corner.
  • Take a pink or coral blush for the cheek and highlight with the same shade simmering highlighter.
  • Use pink, orange, or purple shaded liquid lipstick matched with the overall look to finish the pink shaded monochrome effect.

Use Your Multi-tasking Products 

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To get a perfect monochromatic look, you do not have to buy various products. Instead, use your makeup box and find some products to manipulate and get the desired color combination you want for the particular monochromatic look.

  • Use loose or pressed eyeshadow powder and mix with translucent powder for your cheeks
  • Mix that self-created color powder and use some petroleum jelly to create a smooth, creamy, nourishing lip shade
  • You can use the lip shade with your finger or sponge to give your cheeks a dramatic look or a subtle velvety tint

How to Do Monochromatic Makeup without Buying Products

If you are a makeup freak and love to go crazy with the trends, then it is quite possible to go bankrupt from buying many beauty products. But for your own good, you can use your existing products and save money. A monochromatic look can also allow you to use products that you might never take out of the makeup box.

  • Start digging out the available products, and all of them should be one or two shades lighter or more profound than each other
  • Use colors that complement your skin tone. Check if your skin tone has a warm, cool, or neutral undertone
  • Once you decide about the base color, use various colors complementing the base color. 
  • You can also give a dimensional look to your eyes with different eyeshadow tones 
  • Use a lighter shade on your cheeks, a medium shade on your eyes, and a dark shadow on your lips from the same color group
  • Mix and match the makeup texture from creamy to matte or shimmery and from fashionable to vintage
  • You can vary the intensity of makeup from sheer to dramatic
  • Try to go with ‘hot right now’ beauty trends

To Sum Up

Blending makeup has no alternative. However, while creating a perfect monochromatic look, you must be extra cautious. Unfortunately, a monochromatic look can turn out to be clownish if not applied properly. However, coordinate the shades with your dress and party atmosphere for a stylish monochromatic look.