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Which Type of Makeup Is Best for Black Skin?

Do you have black skin and want to know which type of makeup is best for black skin? Read this post to get your answer!

makeup for black skin

Even today, many people consider fair skin to be a standard for beauty. Thus, many experts will try to cover the melanin-rich skin also under light-shaded foundations or powders. But honestly speaking, this is not the right thing to do.

The beauty trends are also changing now and dark-skinned people do not have to put on loads of unnecessary coverings to pretend that they are light-skinned. The cosmetic market now is flooding with shades and products that suit all types of skin color today and you can get the right one for your need.

Understand your undertone

When we talk about the undertone, do not confuse it with the complexion of your skin. Undertone is the color that is there just under your actual skin. Hence, apart from getting a makeup item based on your complexion, it is also essential to check out your undertone.

Today, you will find makeup options such as foundation or concealer in different shades. But how do you know which shade is going to suit you the most? The best idea is to check and understand your undertone first. Of course, if you are buying your products online, you cannot test the shades on your skin. Hence, here are some of the ways that can help you.

1. Check Your Veins:

If the veins on your skin appear to be bluish-purple in color, this means that you have a cool undertone while a green vein suggests that you have a warmer undertone.

2. Which Jewelry Suits You?

Another great way is to check the jewelry that suits your skin. Often silver jewelry suits the cooler undertone while gold looks good on a warmer undertone.

In case you are in the store, you can try the foundation on your jawline and see if it blends properly on your skin or not.

Your face may not be uniform in the shade

One thing that you need to understand about dark skin is that the color is not uniform all over the face. It is quite common that the skin tone on your face and on your neck may differ. But do you know that the skin tones are different also on different parts of your face? It may happen that the lower part of the face is a shade lighter than the upper part of your skin or vice versa. It may also happen that the shade of the area under your eyes is different than the rest of your face.

Hence, one of the best ways is to get foundation or concealer or different brown shades for your dark skin. As you apply one shade to your face, you can see the difference in how some parts of the face may look different from the rest. This is the time when you will need to apply another correct shade and blend it properly to make your face look uniform.

Know about transition shades

Another essential makeup factor that you should surely consider for dark skin is the right transition shade. Today, makeup artists make use of different transition shades for people with darker skin such as purple, blue, or even red.

The concept of using transition shades is mainly to help two shades blend properly. Such shades are mostly used for blending different colors of eye shadows or even when you have applied blush on your cheeks. Even the transition shades are quite helpful in highlighting different parts of the skin.

If you have black skin, one of the best transition colors that you can try out is orange. Making use of the right shade of orange will help you in blending the other shades in the right way.

Contrast is a great idea

Contrast is something that is not just great for fair-skinned people but also for the dark-skinned ones. The commonly used shades for black skin are different shades of brown. But there are instances when you can make use of shades such as ivory, light pink, and others to offer a contrast to the shades that you have used.

For example, you can make use of light pink to create a nude look for your lips. Similarly, you can apply silver shimmery eyeliner after applying the right eye shadows to create a highlighting factor.

Thus, even when you have black skin, using contrasting colors is also a great idea to complete your makeup and make you look great.

Highlight one element at a time

Overdoing your makeup can at times lead to a disaster, especially if you have dark skin. So, how do you know that you are overdoing your makeup?

It happens when you are highlighting all your elements at the same time. For example, if you are creating a smokey eye makeup effect, you should make sure that other parts of the face such as the lips or the cheekbones are not highlighted. In such a case, you can have a nude lip color and no highlighter on the cheeks.

Similarly, if you wish to have a bold color for your lips, make sure that you have used a matte eye shadow for your eyes. The overall idea is that the viewer should not get confused between different highlighted areas on your face.


One of the major problems in earlier times was that the makeup shades such as the eye shadows, blush, or even lipsticks were designed keeping the fair-skinned women in mind. Also, the foundations and concealers were made in lighter shades. As a result, when the dark-skinned women applied such makeup bases, it left their skin looking weirdly white.

But the situation is much changed today. Different makeup and cosmetic brands design different shades that can suit women of all types of skin tones. If you are someone with black skin, you just have to get the shade that suits perfectly your skin and does not make you look weird. When you are aware of the right type of makeup for your black skin, you are able to look beautiful in your own way.