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Is Dark Skin Different?

is dark skin different

Traditional beauty standards have always mostly revolved around lighter shades of skin, but over time, the level of acceptance amongst the beauty industry and most especially black people has soared.

When compared to lighter skin shades, dark skin is very prominent and noticeable, this fact is not the weakness that most black people have been made to feel, it is a strength.

The main reason why dark skin physically and noticeably differs from light skin is a result of the presence of melanin. Melanin is a pigment found in the hair, eyes, and even the skin, and the amount of it in the skin is what confers how darkly skin can present itself.

Dark skin, which is mostly found amongst black people, possesses high amounts of melanin which also has a protective feature of shielding against harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays. It is amazing to have beautifully pigmented skin that helps to protect you from the harsh elements of the environment.

Everyone has melanocytes (cells that help to produce melanin), but what differs is the fact that some people naturally produce less melanin, while others naturally produce more melanin.

As a result of the high amount of melanin produced in dark skin, it is safe to say that dark skin is different from other lighter skin shades, but it is in no way a symbol of inferiority.

Apart from dark skin, there are other types of skin shades which include light (mostly seen in Caucasians), medium (which can be further divided into a tan, beige, and honey shades), and deep (mostly seen in black people).

How to Select the Best Makeup for Dark Skin

is dark skin different

Since dark skin is different from lighter skin in terms of the color tone, this means that when it comes to makeup, one choice is unable to work for everyone. This ranges from the shade of foundation to even the shade of concealer.

The beautiful thing about makeup is that it helps to accentuate and amplify natural features, and this cannot be achieved with makeup products that are not in your natural skin tone.

Getting to select the best makeup for dark skin is not the easiest thing and this is because, in times past, there has not been a variety of color tones to cater to the diverse nature of dark skin. However, with the major improvements in the makeup industry today, there are some ways you can get the best makeup that would suit your gorgeous dark skin.

Determine your undertones: There are different kinds of undertones, they include warm, cool, and neutral undertones. To know your undertones, you can try the white vs cream test (where you compare white and cream clothing without any makeup on, if the white clothing complements your skin more, you have warm undertones. If the cream clothing suits your skin, you have cool undertones, and if both pieces of clothing complement your skin, you have neutral undertones). You can also check using the jewelry test (where if gold jewelry boosts your complexion, you have warm undertones. If silver jewelry does, you have cool undertones. If both work well with your complexion, you have neutral undertones).
Choose the right blush color: After discovering your undertones, it makes it easier to know the different colors of blush that would suit your dark skin best. For example, people with warm undertones are best suited to wear blush with bright pink hues, while people with cool undertones are best suited to wear blush with orange undertones.

Be open to mixing your foundation and concealer: Your dark skin may have different shades (eyes, cheekbones) and just one foundation may not be suitable. You will need to carefully mix your foundation and concealer (which are your shade) to get the exact shade that these areas on your skin would need.

Choose an eyeshadow that makes your eyes pop: Bright colors are very striking against dark skin and they also help to brighten the eyes. With dark skin, you don’t need to shy away from dazzling, and frosty eyeshadow is a no-no.

Play around with lip colors no matter how bold or nude: To effectively know the kind of lip shades that go with your skin, you will need to be ready to get loose and have some fun! Apply as many lip colors as you can and go with the one that suits you best.

Makeup Tips for Dark Skin

Makeup allows for a variety of options, it’s not a one-shade-fits-all stereotype. Different makeup products of varying shades work for different people. The trick is knowing how to make this wide range of makeup products work for you.

Here is an exclusive list filled with some tips that can help you enhance and accentuate your already beautiful features:

Don’t be scared to play around with bold blush shades, you have dark skin; you can pull it off! In addition, the brightly colored blush would help in making your complexion appear warmer.

Try not to go too matte when it comes to your foundation, it will result in your skin looking a bit unnatural. To counter this, you can try a cream or liquid foundation, this helps to present a more refreshed dewy look that passes off as natural.

Ensure that your shade of foundation is perfect for your skin tone. A good foundation matches your face to your neck and chest. Although it may be quite hard to get a foundation that is the exact shade of your skin, don’t give up!

Stay away from makeup products that have a lot of white pigment or pass off as pale. Dark skin is supposed to be encouraged to shine and pop! and anything less is wrong.

It is often said that the eyes are the window to the soul, so you have permission to make your eye makeup as bold as you want. To match, tone down your lips and cheeks when using bold eye makeup, this helps you achieve uniformity.

Like Alicia D. Love says, “Stop comparing skin tones. Who cares if your skin is lighter or darker than the person standing next to you? Change can only happen once you can truthfully look in the mirror and love that Deep Chocolate, Cinnamon, Mocha, or Caramel complexion.”
Your skin already loves you, irrespective of who you are, and now is the time to love it right back.

By Flourish O.

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