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How Do You Know What Skin Undertone You Are?

Knowing your skin undertone is not just for makeup purposes alone. It will also help you in picking the right dress and accessories.

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What is the secret to glowing dark skin?

What is the secret to glowing dark skin? This is a question every dark-skinned person should be asking. Your skin says a lot about you, and it is vital to be taken care of with nourishment and hydration. Dark skin tones are gorgeous and can be even more stunning when they radiate health and vibrancy. Many […]

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How To Get Longer Eyelashes

There are a lot of ways to naturally strengthen the lashes, make them thicker, fuller and longer without resorting to lash extensions and growth serums, which can be very expensive.  These methods are easy, effective and cheap and have been used by other people to stimulate lashes growth when used over time. But make sure […]