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Does Wearing Makeup Age Your Skin?

If you’re asking yourself the question, ‘Does makeup age your skin?’ you’re not alone. A lot of women want to know if makeup can benefit their skin or if using it makes their faces look older.

Makeup itself does NOT age your skin. The benefits of makeup are many: it can enhance your natural beauty or create a new look for special occasions. Makeup can have a dramatic effect on your overall look.

When applying makeup, beauty experts aim to achieve three things: enhancing your natural beauty by filling in your facial features, making you look younger, and taking years off your appearance.

However, makeup does not always have a positive effect on the skin. The impact that makeup has on the skin is dependent on the type of makeup products applied and how they are removed. 

5 Makeup Mistakes that will make you look older

Makeup doesn’t really make you look older. Some methods of applying makeup can actually cause the skin to wrinkle because they put stress on the delicate muscles beneath the surface of your skin. Read the Makeup mistakes below, and I am sure these are life-changing makeup hacks for you. 

1. Cautions! It’s not your shade.

Did you know that using the wrong shade of foundation can make you look older? Foundation is supposed to make you look younger. They come in a variety of shades to match different skin colors. Choosing the wrong tone can make your problem areas stand out and appear worse than before.

2. Heavy and Thick Foundation Base 

You’ve probably seen it before. Like, the girl with a heavy and thick foundation on her face. Besides being bad for your skin, it makes you look 10 years older if you ask me. If you want to fix that problem, use a liquid foundation instead of a powder foundation and apply 2 pumps of foundation. Remember that foundation is used to even your skin tone, not to act as a mask.

3. Applying Dark, Matte Lip Colors

Dark lipstick increases your age by 5–10 years. The dark pigments in the lipstick absorb the light wavelengths, which means we can see less of the light that comes from our skin. Dark lipstick also makes skin look like it has less elasticity, so we are more likely to notice wrinkles, age spots, and sagginess of our face/skin around the mouth/chin/jawline.

Dark lipsticks are made with incredibly pigmented ingredients that distort your skin’s color. The effect can also be increased by not wearing a lot of makeup.

4. Making Thin Eyebrows

Thin eyebrows make you look older, and your face seems to be not so defined. The main reason is that thin eyebrows make a strong visual contrast with your cheekbones or lack of them. Thin eyebrows make you look older because they highlight that your hair isn’t growing.

The best way to avoid this is by filling them out with some hair strokes to have a better definition of your eyes. This will make your eyes look bigger and brighter, only adding to your features.

5. Using Too Much Concealer

Concealers should be darker in the shade of your skin tone; otherwise, a light shadow will enhance your dark circles. A concealer is supposed to do what it says to conceal dark circles, blemishes or spots. But, 90% of women put too much concealer under the eyes, which settles in fine lines and enhances wrinkles. 

6. Thick Black Eyeliner

Thick black eyeliner may be too harsh for the elegant 40-something woman with a slender neck. It will make you look older than you want to appear. Too much eyeliner also becomes noticeable when you smile. It also makes your eyes look heavy and tired.

7. Using Dark Eyeshadow in the Wrong Way

Dark shades over the whole lid area make you look older and dull. Women should avoid dark eyeshadows over 40. This is because they tend to make them look older. Dark shadows make a face appear longer and thinner, making the wearer appear gaunt and tired. And if this happens, they will end up looking at least a decade older than they really are.

7 Makeup Tricks That Make You Look Younger

1. Prime Your Skin

Just like a pot of soup, your skin needs a little something before makeup. There are so many products you can use on the market, but if you don’t prime your skin before makeup or know what to look for in a primer, it can crumble right before your eyes. A primer fills pores and prevents your skin from dryness and flakiness. So, you will get flawless skin after makeup.

2. Choose a Right Foundation

Like any other woman out there, you probably want to retain a youthful appearance for as long as possible. But did you know that the wrong foundation can actually make your skin look older? On the other hand, the right foundation can improve your skin by a factor of two!. Go for a liquid matte foundation instead of a powdered one. Because a powder foundation gives you an aged appearance.

3. Fill your brows

Filling your eyebrows is a popular beauty procedure that helps to create a more youthful appearance. Benefits include the fact that it fills in any sparse or thinning brows and helps to create the illusion of thicker-looking brows. Everyone wants to feel like they look young and beautiful and as if they are in their 20s or 30s again. Filling your eyebrows makes you look younger. Yes, it’s true!

4. Use Light EyeShade

Light eyeshadow creates an illusion of bright and wide eyes, which can make you look younger. Using light eyeshadow has a positive impact on the appearance of your skin, highlighting its natural radiance. Light shadow adds brightness to tired eyes, making them appear wide awake. It’s great for adding a touch of glamour to a special occasion.

5. Go for Natural, Nude and Glossy Lip Colors

Although some people say that red lipstick makes you look younger, I think that’s a half-truth because the glossy lip color makes you look younger. Nude, natural and pink lip shades can make you look younger. This trend in fashion has gained popularity lately, giving women a youthful appearance when the right shade of lipstick is used.

6. Use a Cream Blush in Pink and Peach Tone

Cream blush is a good way to achieve younger-looking skin. Cream blush is perfect for older women who want to add a bit of color to their face, as it won’t settle in the wrinkles. These two factors allow you to create a more youthful look, which can be very helpful for older women.

7. Avoid Using Too Much Contour 

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of contouring before, but the point of this is pretty much to make your face look slimmer. The internet is flooded with contouring makeup tutorials on how to contour your face. Does it really work, though? Well, not really! In fact, using contoured makeup products will make you magically look 10 years older. Instead of it, use a highlighter and blush to give your skin a youthful look.

Makeup Chemicals that Should be Avoided

An estimated 80% of cosmetics have chemicals that accelerate aging! And we are using them every day, on our face and our whole body. Below are some makeup ingredients that should be avoided for healthy and youthful skin.

  • Fragrance
  • Parabens
  • PEG compounds
  • DEA 
  • Coal tar dyes
  • BHA and BHT
  • Dibutyl phthalate