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Does Vaseline Darken your Skin?

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Many people swear by Vaseline to make the skin softer, but does it make it dark?

Vaseline is one popular petroleum jelly that has existed in the market for over 140 years.

Well, it is perfectly safe to use Vaseline as a moisturizer which is literally what most people do, but it has other uses. It serves as a healing balm, ointment for wounds, and sometimes suitable for chaffed skin. We, however, have to understand that it does not moisturize the skin but locks in the already present moisture.

Let’s dig in and see what this amazing product has to offer:

Vaseline and the Skin

Growing up, you probably possessed a giant tub of Vaseline in your medicine section, and your mom would sometimes slather the jelly on your light burns, dry skin, and sometimes diaper rash! Anybody who is intentional about self-care has definitely gotten whiff about Vaseline. See, skincare does not necessarily mean you have to break the bank. Some of the best products are sitting right under our noses. Check out these insane benefits of using Vaseline:

  • Vaseline creates a film or seals up inflamed skin, thereby facilitating the healing process. Skincare conditions like psoriasis are easily treated by Vaseline
  • Harsh weather can cause havoc on your lips, talk about crackle, pop and snap! Keep your pout perfectly kissable by sealing in moisture without worrying about funky flavors or perfumes.
  • Vaseline revitalizes a lackluster complexion by increasing the peptide regulation on your skin’s surface.

So, is it suitable for dry skin? Yep, it’s even encouraged. The moisture-locking in properties of Vaseline help to alleviate discomfort and soothe the skin.

Why then does it make the skin dark?

This petroleum jelly could not have survived so many decades if it wasn’t good for the skin. This super-inexpensive product does more than you probably have in mind. So does it darken the skin? When the oil-based product seals in moisture, it actually locks in everything with it. By everything, I mean the dirt and oils that may have already found their way to your skin. The possible lock-up of moisture and dirt may cause the skin to turn darker than it should be.

Furthermore, we all know how thick and greasy petroleum products can be. The greasy nature causes Vaseline to take a while before the skin fully absorbs it. As it stays for a while on the skin before being fully absorbed, external products act upon it and may cause harmful reactions to the skin, making it appear darker. It’s not as bad as you think, so you don’t really have to panic.


Much beauty skin care cleanser face wash GIF

Slugging is a common Korean beauty skincare routine that basically entails slathering petroleum jelly on your face. If you have encountered a plethora of shiny, slimy faces on Tiktok, then you’ve probably come across the popular skincare routine. The trend has gone viral and stirred emotions among beauty advocates claiming that slugging makes the skin soft and smooth.

Don’t worry; no real snails are used in this process. It involves an inexpensive product that even your grandmother has never missed in her bathroom: Vaseline. Crazy right? Here’s the fun part, slugging prevents transepidermal water loss and locks in moisture in your skin. The thick slimy texture of the petroleum jelly can be compared to the mucus produced by a slug; hence the name ‘slugging.’

Does Slugging Actually Work?

As far as slugging is concerned, the ultimate goal is to lock in moisture, and petroleum jelly is perfect at this. Vaseline sits on the skin surface to insulate it and prevent it from losing moisture and is more beneficial during the less humid winter months and cold seasons when your skin feels dry or tight.

Those with acne-prone skin can avoid applying petroleum jelly on their faces to keep out breakouts. As soon as you try out slugging, you will be totally obsessed. Which raises the next concern, how often should one do slugging? The frequency depends on your skin type and concerns. If yours is dry skin, you can try it out several times a week. Those with an oily type of skin need to be cautious, though.

Vaseline and Make-Up

Anyone obsessed with make-up is definitely in love with Vaseline, and there are unexpected ways you can use this petroleum jelly for your beauty routine and a few fun extras!

1. Exfoliate Lips

Simply mix Vaseline with a bit of sugar, apply the mixture on your lips and rub them together to remove flaky skin. Rinse off the sweet mixture after rubbing for a while and apply Vaseline to moisturize the lips.

2. Tame your Eyebrows

Want a natural look? Swap your colored products with this clear product by using a spoolie brush to gently brush your brow hairs, and you will never look back.

3. Vaseline as a DIY Highlighter

feeling it GIF by Maybelline

Want to achieve a dewy look for way less? Simply apply a little amount of Vaseline on your cheekbones and glow on.

4. Soothe Cracked Heels

Sandals season will be here in a minute. If you need a little TLC for your feet, apply Vaseline on your clean, cracked feet and put on a pair of socks. Repeated action produces desired results.

5.  Remove Eye Make up

Vaseline can help you take off your eye make-up in a pinch. Just be cautious not to smear any in your eyes.

Free Woman removing eye makeup with cotton pad Stock Photo

Final Thoughts

I can’t stress enough how we’re all obsessed with our skin. At least I try to think so, and because Vaseline boasts many reviewed benefits, we have to find safer ways of using Vaseline so that it does not darken our skin. Try rubbing minimum amounts of Vaseline on your skin and only after a clean birth. While Vaseline is typically safe to be used on the face, not all individuals have this freedom.

People with oily skin should rather use less greasy products to avoid creating a breeding ground for acne. It is best to use Vaseline on damp skin, preferably after a shower or washing the face. Before application, do yourself some good and make sure your hands are spotlessly clean.

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