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What Do I Need for First Time Makeup

Putting together a makeup kit can be a task even for a makeup professional because there are so many options out there! And with new trends popping up every day, it can be a challenge. Do you need a bronzer or contour? Should I go with lip tint or lip stain? What the hell is an eyebrow gel? And let’s not even begin with the brushes! That’s a whole other story!

Yes, putting together a makeup kit can be overwhelming especially for a beginner. But don’t panic! We have put together a list of staples that everyone needs in their makeup kit – from beginners to experts! A kit that has all the basics you need to create an everyday casual look to a more dramatic chic look! 

So, for all those of you who are just starting out, here is everything you need in your makeup arsenal!

Create the perfect base with a primer

The first thing you need in your makeup kit is a primer because as any makeup connoisseur will tell you, good makeup begins with a good primer! It is just what you need to prep your skin and ensures a flawless and smooth base and long-lasting look. 

One of the most popular and recommended primers is the e.l.f. Putty Primer, which comes in three different formulations to meet different skin needs. Its silky formula blends in perfectly to give you a flawless finish and long-lasting makeup.

Camouflage and even that skin with a concealer and foundation

Whether you are planning on using makeup for special occasions or on an everyday basis, a good liquid or powder foundation is a must-have. Foundation is the next step in makeup, one that will help you even out your skin tone and achieve that flawless look. Based on your skin type, you can choose the shade and type of foundation. 

Next what you need is a creamy concealer that will hide those under-eye circles and dark spots. A concealer can be your best friend on days when you wake up with a hangover or if you didn’t manage to get that 8 hours of beauty sleep!

Add some natural glow with a highlighter

Wondering what a highlighter is doing in a beginners kit? Don’t worry! It is quite simple to use and you would be amazed by what a single stroke of a highlighter can do to your entire look. It instantly adds a natural glow and radiance and all you need to do is use your finger or a highlighter brush to apply a highlighter to your cheekbones or brow bones. Spread it and say hello to a dewy, natural glow!

Brighten your face with a blush

A rosy glow on the cheeks can really elevate your look! A powder or cream blush or even a gel-cream blush is something that you definitely need in your makeup kit. It will give your complexion a warm dose of color and a natural-looking flush to your cheeks.

Highlight your eyes with mascara & eyeliner

Let those eyes stand out! No makeup kit is complete without mascara and eyeliner – whether you are a beginner or an expert! Curl, lengthen and add volume to those lashes with a good mascara (if it is waterproof, then even better!). Follow it up with eyeliner in the good old black shade or experiment with a pop of color if you want to accent those eyes. When it comes to eyeliners, there are so many styles that you can try – winged, cat eye, smokey, fishtail or go the classic way!

Define those brows with an eyebrow pencil

Your eyebrows define your face and are one of the most important features of your face. A few strokes that fill in, shape, and define those brows are all you need to take your look to the next level. Get an eyebrow pencil in a shade that suits you and be ready to be amazed by the makeover! If you are too scared to use one in the beginning, then simply tame those brows with a clear mascara.

Color your eyes with an eyeshadow palette

While eyeliner and mascara highlight your eyes, eyeshadow adds depth to your eyes. A neutral eyeshadow palette works best for beginners and it will allow you to create a range of different looks. 

Pop of color for your lips

No makeup kit is complete without some lip colors! Always have one bold color like red and another neutral shade like the trending nude that can take you from day to night. When it comes to lip colors, as a beginner you can opt for moisturizing lip colors, lip tints, or a liquid lipstick that will stay longer.

Get the right tools: Brushes and sponge 

You can have all the makeup in the world in your kit but without the right tools, they are useless! But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you have to get the whole kit! Just get a few basic brushes and a blender sponge (this one is a must-have) and you are good to go. You can pick a basic brush set with a blush brush, a small flat brush, and an angle brush. 

Clean up when you are done with makeup wipes

At the end of the day or in case you are traveling and can’t wash your face, having good biodegradable makeup wipes in your makeup kit is a must. Choose the ones that can effectively remove makeup without leaving behind stains. 

With these 10 essentials, you are all set to begin your makeup journey! Keep it fun and exciting, experiment with shades, strokes, colors, and keep looking stunning!