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What color looks really good on brown skin?

brown skin

Everyone has unique skin, and brown skin is of them. There are a lot of varieties of brown and so as its makeup style. People say that brown skin can’t carry well, but you can flaunt your own brown if you choose the right colors and makeup. Take an example of famous celebrities like Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Jessica Alba.

People with a deeper complexion should have a cleansing-toning-moisturizing routine. Duskier skin tones also need to protect themselves from UV rays. Know your undertones. They are vital in finding the correct makeup products, especially if you are dusky. Below is the guide for people with brown or dusky skin.

What color suits best for base makeup?

  • PrimerPink primer is better for medium-colored skin. But for dark skin tones, yellow or orange primer works best. Primer mattifies the skin, minimizes the appearance of lines and pores, and helps makeup latch on better. Use primer on oily parts of your skin and not on dehydrated parts.
  • Foundation– A suitable base is an essential thing. When picking the proper foundation, choose a shade with orange undertones that blend into your natural skin tone. To select the perfect shade, always choose slightly lighter because most foundations oxidize and become darker when they do. A mattifying or water-based foundation will suit oily skin. But for dry skin, use a cream-based product.
  • Concealer– Choose the right concealer shade to cover pigmentation and dark spots. An orange or even reddish concealer goes well for correction.
  • Corrector– There are five shades for fairer girls, from green to lavender. But for brown women, red and orange are best. They will solve all your issues, from pigmentation to discoloration to dark spots.
  • Setting powder– Most setting powders are white or translucent. A yellow setting powder (or banana powder) is most flattering for darker skin. Setting powder is necessary for oily skin. It is wise to use a powder closer to your skin tone to bake and set as. If you choose translucent powder, try and use as less as possible.
  • Blush– Light blush colors are trendy. Bright blush colors like coral and pink look most striking against dark skin. Unlike fair people, dusky women can pick up darker blushes and cannot trifle with deeper blush shades like berry, pink, red, or coral. These gorgeous blushes will give you a very natural touch. It will be wonderful to combine shimmer blushes with gold tones for evenings.
  • Highlighter– for yellow powders and primers, it is wise to choose golden highlighters rather than silver ones. Some of the shimmering blushes above can also double up as a highlighter. The perfect highlighter depends on your skin, so test the item on your face and not your arm or finger. Highlighters with golden undertones look much better than silver and pink ones for dark skin tones. You can apply the highlighter to the high points of your face and a bronzer to shine bright on your best days.

What color suits best for eye makeup?

  • Eye primer– The first essential thing for eye makeup is primer and concealer. For eye primer, avoid pinkish primers. A clear or yellow, or slightly orange primer works best. Primer makes your eyelids smooth, highlight color, and prevent creasing over time. Apply a lighter eyeshadow or a concealer before dark color so that the eyeshadow will get a base to stick. Sometimes, even the brightest ones do not show up that well on a duskier skin tone.
  • Eyeshadow– bright and neon colors are easy to carry out, so you should try bold, on-trend matte colors. If you like to flaunt a classic style, use vibrant neutral eyeshadows. Shimmering colors shine on brown skin, and bronzey gold tones are flattering. You can also combine them with the colors of your choice.
  • Eyebrow– you should select an eyebrow pencil with a thick brush in the color that most closely matches your hair color. Generally, a light brown and reddish tint is a statement color. Thin brows are outdated now. Today’s world is about thick, defined eyebrows, and no one can rock them better than a brown-toned girl.
  • Eyeliner and mascara– Eyeliner and mascaras can really change your look. White eyeliner looks excellent on deep skin. If you have brown skin, using black or brown eyeliner and mascara will immediately open up and brighten your eyes. You can also opt for colorful eyeliner all the time.

What color suits best for lip makeup?

  • LipstickAlways moisturize your lips for a healthy look. If your lips are chapped and dehydrated, no color will look good on you. Do not shy away from matte looks. Red lipstick is best for dusky women. Whether it is orangey-red or brick-red, you can flaunt any shades of red with confidence. Most shades will perfectly match your makeup and skin tone, from nudes to deep shades. Some unique shades for you are chocolate, dark red, maroon, pink, berry, orangey-red, and wine. Corals, nudes, and mocha shades are also vibrant and suitable colors. Going simple and sticking with a clear lip gloss is an excellent way to make your gorgeous skin stand out.

Points to remember to avoid mistakes for brown skin

  • Avoid makeup in the wrong lighting. You may choose the bad shades or be too heavy-handed with your makeup.
  • Before buying them, you need to consider that foundations and concealers have many elements. If you can’t find a suitable shade, try blending two shades to get the best one. Also, prevent testing your foundation inside your wrist or arm because your skin tone varies all over your body.
  • Light-colored eyeshadows and lipsticks do not flatter your skin type. For the lip, nudes are an excellent choice, and you should choose them as per your undertone.
  • Use a color corrector to cover the darkness, and then use as little concealer as possible.
  • Since dusky-skinned people have darker hair, primarily brown or black, they tend to fill in their eyebrows with a similar color to the color of their hair. It can make your eyebrows look too bushy. Therefore, fill them in with a lighter shade and soft upward strokes.


It is crucial to love your skin tone. Nowadays, people undergo a lot of surgeries to get fair skin. But it doesn’t make any sense. Acceptance makes everything great. Be proud to be a dusky woman.