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What Color Makes Brown Eyes Pop Out?

what color makes brown eyes pop out

Brown eyes are naturally beautiful but many times putting on heavy makeup may hide them. There are so many times when you get ready for a party and you find that your beautiful brown eyes are no more the main highlights of your face.

If this is a common problem that you face, you just have to make use of some tricks while doing your makeup. There are some specific colors for your eye makeup that will make your brown eyes pop out.


The metallic shades such as silver and copper offer the most minimalistic eye makeup that helps your naturally beautiful brown eyes to pop out with ease. All you can do is just apply a little amount of the metallic shade glittery eye shadow on your eyelids as well as can apply a thin stroke under the lower eyelashes. You can also get matte metallic shades for the eyelids while creating wings with a glittery liner to get a perfect metallic eye makeup look for your brown eyes.

Purples and Blues

Purples and blues are great choices because they offer a contrast to the brown color of your eyes. When it comes to purples and blues, you can try out different options for your eye makeup. The all-time option is to apply a good combination of eye shadows. But if you are not much into eye shadows, you can also try the use of eyeliner for the purpose. Apply a thick stroke of eyeliner over your eyelid and also under your lower eyelashes. Today even kohl is available in shades of purples and blues. So, while you apply eyeliner on your eyelid, you can apply kohl on your waterline and smudge it a bit to get the right look.


Another minimal makeup option that you have got for your brown eyes is the brown shade. The brown or bronze shade matches your brown eye color and makes them pop out without much stress. In fact, if you are someone who does not like to experiment much with makeup, choosing the brown or bronze shade for your everyday makeup is a great idea.

When you are going for a bronze shade, get a matte option to let your brown eyes shine out. If you are choosing brown shades, get something that is in contrast to the natural colored brown eyes. For example, if you have light brown eyes, you can choose a darker shade of brown that will be in contrast to your eyes and will make them pop out.

Greys and Smokey Effect

If you have a pair of light brown eyes, you will always love the idea of creating a smokey eye effect with different shades of grey. Again, if you have dark coffee-colored eyes, you can contrast them with a lighter shade of grey to make your eye color pop out.

When you are trying out the grey or smokey impact on your eyes, there are so many options that you can try out.

1. For Light Brown Eyes:

If you have light brown eyes, go for complete smokey eyes with darker grey shades or even charcoal shades. The dark shades around your eyes will beautifully highlight the light brown eye color that you have got.

2. Dark Brown Eyes:

Now, when you already have dark brown eyes, you cannot always go for smokey eye makeup, especially when you are looking forward to flaunting your eye color. In such a situation, you can experiment with lighter shades of grey. One of the best ways is to go for silver-colored eyeliner to highlight your eyes which will surely make your dark brown eyes pop out pretty efficiently.

Shades of Gold:

While we have already discussed how metallic shades offer great help in highlighting your brown eyes, the golden shade has a separate fan base. Brown eyes already have a shade of gold in them that reflects even better in the sunlight. When you are using golden shades for eye makeup, it complements the golden shade of the brown eyes even better, making it stand out.

You can try out different options of golden shades such as

  • Shimmery yellow,
  • Rose gold,
  • Glittery copper and many others.

Try out matte shades for your regular purpose while for special occasions, you can highlight your eyelid creases with golden shimmers to get a sultry look.

Makeup Tips to make brown eyes pop out

While the above section talks about different eye makeup shades that make your brown eyes pop out, there are also some make-up tips that you need to follow to get a much more effective look.

1. Choosing the right shade:

The very first eminent factor is to choose the right shade from the list mentioned above. The shade that you choose depends upon not just the color of your eyes but also the color of your skin and hair. If your skin color is on the colder side, you need to pick shades such as ivory for the base while for warmer skin color, you will go for options such as brown.

2. Choosing the right options:

Another essential factor that you need to check out is the selection of the right makeup option. It is not necessary that you always have to apply eye shadow for your eye makeup. You can also choose options such as eyeliner or even kohl with the eye shadow base.

3. Application and Blending:

The most important tip is that you should know the proper techniques for applying and blending the shades that you are applying. Start applying a base shade of beige or light brown over which you can apply your second shade and then should blend well with the help of the right brush. While applying the eyeliner or kohl, make sure that you are applying it on the edge properly so that it defines the actual shade of your eyes.


Eye makeup is an absolute art that you need to learn properly so that you do not look messy at the end. When you have brown eyes and you wish to flaunt them, then you need to be extra careful and experiment well so that you can efficiently make your brown eye pop out with the right kind of eye makeup.